About Billy Gould


I’m Billy Gould - experienced film production professional specializing in producing and editing, and budding software developer.

I’ve been a working film/video professional for over 10 years and have experienced some of the most advanced environments in the industry.

In my current role with Major League Baseball, I work with a team covering all live games across North America. We handle footage coming in from all 30 MLB ballparks and are responsible for the technical reliability of our proprietary Replay system. During a play, teams may challenge close calls, and it’s up to us to deliver a definitive judgment within 90 seconds.

In this fast paced and uniquely technical environment, I’ve been able to explore new skills in coding and software development. During the 2023-24 off-season, I created a website from scratch that has become a crucial part of our training process. Click here for an interactive demo with further explanation!

Beyond my work with MLB, I am constantly working with creatives in LA and NYC as both a producer and editor on short films, music videos, social media content, and promotional material of all kinds.

I’m proficient with a variety of tools, including Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve, to name a few, and love contributing my skills to all manner of creative endeavors.

Prior to my move to New York, I had the opportunity to work on James Cameron’s AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER as Producer Jon Landau’s assistant. There, I was exposed first hand to a production environment that demanded nothing short of the very best.

In addition to my responsibilities as Jon’s assistant, I operated VFX reference cameras and even acted as a stand-in. Each day was an opportunity to explore my passion for production and technology in one of the most cutting edge environments in the world.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve obtained a diverse array of technical and creative skills that I am thrilled to bring to any project I am lucky enough to be part of. Explore my website to learn more about me!


Film Producing
Video Editing
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Avid Media Composer
DaVinci Resolve
Motion Graphics
Web Development


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